Evolution Introduces the Groovy “Funky Time” Live Game Show

Evolution, the leading name in the online gaming world, is back with a sensational announcement that is sure to have gamers tapping their feet. With

Evolution Introduces the Groovy “Funky Time” Live Game Show game description

Evolution, the leading name in the online gaming world, is back with a sensational announcement that is sure to have gamers tapping their feet. With the introduction of Funky Time, the company presents a live game show that harks back to the fabulous ’70s disco era, with this being their grandest release since the celebrated Crazy Time.

Funky Time isn’t just another online game; it is an immersive experience. The live presenter-led game takes players on a nostalgic journey through the disco days, complete with retro club vibes, catchy tunes, and audacious dance moves. The highlight? Players get the chance to pile on multipliers throughout the game’s various phases.

The game’s epicenter is the spinning DigiWheel money wheel, which introduces several random multipliers in each round. These multipliers can amplify the winnings across numbers, letters, or bonus games. The wheel comprises 64 segments, each spelling the words PLAY, FUNK, and TIME. Moreover, there are segments showcasing the number 1 and different bonus game sections, providing diverse winning prospects and progression in the game.

The excitement doesn’t end with spinning the wheel. Players can claim instant wins upon landing any of the number 1 or letter segments. Furthermore, hitting a bonus segment transports them to one of the four unique bonus games: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco. Each of these offers a guaranteed multiplier. Disco and VIP Disco segments truly embody the game’s essence, as they feature the uber-cool Mr. Funky character, who gracefully collects multipliers while dancing away on the virtual floor.

Todd Haushalter, the Chief Product Officer at Evolution, couldn’t be more thrilled. Reflecting on Evolution’s journey and its pivotal role in crafting the live Game Show gaming category with Dream Catcher, he confidently predicts a similar success trajectory for Funky Time. He recalls how the unique DigiWheel, with its vertical spin and electronic LED center, inspired the creation of this entertaining game show.

Speaking about the hard work and innovation behind Funky Time, Haushalter said, “Nearly 100 talented individuals played their part in bringing Funky Time to life. It’s our most ambitious and intricate game to date. However, its complexity is matched by the sheer joy it exudes. We often ponder over what exciting new game we can craft, and Funky Time is the answer to that quest for fun. The game doesn’t just mirror the entertainment quotient of Crazy Time but introduces a fresh vibe and additional delightful features. I genuinely hope players resonate with our enthusiasm and love the game as much as we do.”

In essence, Funky Time promises to be a captivating blend of fun, nostalgia, and opportunities, setting the stage for another groundbreaking experience from Evolution. Get ready to groove with the beats and win big!

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